The Scraptopian Copper pieces are produced using E-waste and post-demolition waste; anything from electrical cables to circuit boards, from plumbing pipes to laser off-cutts.

Borrowing heavily from the technique of electroplating, Marlo’s use of electrolysis makes many interventions on an age-old and heavily industrialized technique. Assuming the role of novice alchemist, Marlo’s Copper pieces are “grown”, molecule by molecule over the period of days, in a bath that harvests waste copper while simultaneously growing it into an entirely new form. Rather than electroplating onto an existing metal object, the dissolved copper ions are deposited gradually onto a mould. Over time the copper layer becomes thick enough that it can be removed from the mould and stand alone as 100% reclaimed copper pieces.

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation 2021 - Awarded Cum Laude

From solid into liquid, surface into form, or pattern into texture... copper is more magical than we initially thought.”