Vanishing Legacies

Vanishing Legacies is a collection of ornate jewellery pieces, formed from 3D and CT scans of near-extinct species. Unearthed from the depths of digitized natural history archives, these scans are thanks to a global initiative to painstakingly scan all vertebrate species. This collection of modified skeletal jewellery aims to celebrate this new form of documentation outside of the laboratory, university, or museum. Breathing new life into neglected areas of our earth's biodiversity, while highlighting the importance of conserving it. Featured in this collection are the skeletons of three critically endangered species: Archey's Frog (New Zealand), The Waved Albatross (Galapagos Islands), and Staghorn Coral (Caribbean Sea).

In collaboration with Moiin Resins DMG Design Academy Graduation 2021

Waved Albatross

Archey's Frog

Staghorn Coral